TBpeople Philippines Takes Initiative in General Santos for a TB-Free Future on Day 1

The TBpeople Philippines team began on a significant mission to General Santos, famously known as the Home of Champions. This visit marked the beginning of their efforts to engage local leaders and communities in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). The primary goal was to introduce TBpeople Philippines and discuss their ongoing initiatives aimed at combating tuberculosis, thereby raising awareness and educating the public to achieve a TB-free city.

The day commenced with a courtesy call to Dr. Odjok Acharon, City Councilor and Chairman of the Committee on Health. The meeting was an opportunity for TBpeople Philippines to introduce their organization, its mission, and the various initiatives they have undertaken to combat TB in the country. Dr. Acharon, known for his dedication to public health, expressed strong support for the organization’s endeavors.

Following this, the team met with Dr. Fatima A. Emban, the Assistant Regional Director (ARD) of the Center for Health Development (CHD) Region XII for a courtesy call. They welcomed the team’s efforts and discussed potential strategies to enhance TB awareness and control measures in the region. This meeting was important in aligning the goals of TBpeople Philippines with the regional health policies and identifying opportunities for joint initiatives.

Happening simultaneously back in Davao City on same day, was the passing of a resolution through a privileged speech commending the TBpeople Philippines in Davao City Council. The commendation is sponsored by the Health Committee Chairman, Councilor Richlyn “Che-Che” Justol. Councilor Justol highlighted the significant impact of their efforts in raising public awareness and fostering a community-oriented approach to TB prevention and treatment. This remarkable event was witnessed by the President of TBpeople Philippines Davao, Ms. Cherry Florida, and her Vice-President, Mr. Edilberto Casil, Jr.

The final engagement of the day in General Santos was the TB in the Workplace session at the ZZ Wellness and Health Center. Here, the TBpeople Philippines team conducted an informative education for the staff, covering essential topics such as the nature of tuberculosis, its signs and symptoms, methods of prevention, and ways to protect oneself from the disease. This session was part of their ongoing effort to integrate TB awareness into, ensuring that employees are well-informed and equipped to prevent the spread of TB.

Through these strategic engagements, TBpeople Philippines successfully planted seeds of awareness in General Santos City, empowering both government officials and health professionals to work collaboratively towards a TB-free future.

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