Building Bridges Between Mental Health and TB Care: ASSIST Launches TB MIND Asia Project

TBpeople Philippines was recently invited to the project launch of the Tuberculosis-Mental Health Integration Initiative Development – Asia (TB MIND ASIA) project held at Dusit Thani in Makati City. The project launch was spearheaded by the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST).

This gathering brought together honored guests and experts in the field of healthcare, including TBpeople Philippines President and Founder Ms. Eloisa Zepeda-Teng, Department of Health Undersecretary Mr. Enrique Tayag, Pulmonologist Dr. Nina Marnie Beltran, and Neurologist-Psychiatrist Dr. Joseree Ann Catindig. TB MIND ASIA is a three-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The project aims to assess the feasibility of integrating mental healthcare services with existing TB treatment programs in three Asian countries: Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The ultimate goal of TB MIND ASIA is to develop a comprehensive framework for collaborative care. This framework would ensure that TB patients receive not only the necessary medical treatment but also the mental health support they often require.

The successful launch of TB MIND Asia marks a promising step towards a more holistic approach to TB care. By integrating mental health services, this project has the potential to significantly improve the well-being of TB patients and increase treatment success rates across Southeast Asia.

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