TBpeople Philippines and Caloocan Health City Department Join Forces for a TB-Free Future

On May 29, 2024, TBpeople Philippines had a productive courtesy call with Dr. Fernando Santos at the Caloocan Health City Department. This served as an essential platform to discuss ongoing and future initiatives aimed at combating tuberculosis (TB) in the community.

During the meeting, the team from TBpeople Philippines provided a comprehensive introduction to their organization, detailing their mission, vision, and the various projects they have undertaken. These initiatives are designed to support TB patients, raise awareness about the disease, and combat the stigma associated with TB.

Dr. Santos expressed strong support for TBpeople Philippines’ advocacy work. He acknowledged the pervasive stigma surrounding TB and emphasized the need for continued education and support for TB patients and their communities. Recognizing the value of such efforts, Dr. Santos proposed organizing a symposium in Caloocan. This symposium will aim to bring together TB survivors, TB patients, close contacts, and health workers. The goal is to provide comprehensive education about TB, share personal experiences, and promote a supportive network for those affected by the disease.

TBpeople Philippines also took the opportunity to promote their “Fast Track The Cure” #6MonthsMax campaign. This campaign advocates for safe, effective, and faster cures for drug-resistant tuberculosis, a growing concern in the Philippines. By pushing for advancements in TB treatment, the campaign hopes to reduce the treatment duration and improve patient outcomes.

In addition, the team highlighted the “One Impact” app, a digital tool that empowers people with TB by connecting them with peers and providing access to TB information. The app serves as a platform for patients to share their experiences, seek advice, and receive updates on TB-related news and advancements.

The successful of this courtesy call was made possible through the assistance of Mr. John Muihael Parungao. TBpeople Philippines extends their heartfelt thanks to Mr. Parungao for his invaluable support in facilitating the meeting with Dr. Santos and the Caloocan Health City Department.

The courtesy call at the Caloocan Health City Department marks a significant step forward in the collaboration between TBpeople Philippines and local health authorities. With the support of dedicated health professionals like Dr. Santos and proactive measures such as the upcoming symposium, there is hope for a brighter future for TB patients in Caloocan and beyond.

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