TBpeople Philippines Participate in ACCESS TB Performance and Implementation Review in Baguio City

Last April 22nd, 2024, the TBpeople Philippines team had the privilege of participating in the ACCESS TB Performance and Implementation Review, hosted at the Orchard Hotel Baguio. This report encapsulates the team’s involvement and contributions to the event.

The TBpeople Philippines team expressed sincere gratitude for the invitation extended to them to partake in the review. Their participation proved instrumental in gaining valuable insights into the accomplishments, challenges, and future plans of the ACCESS TB Project within the Philippines.

The sessions conducted were characterized by their exceptional informativeness and engagement. They provided a platform for TBpeople Philippines to share their perspectives and expertise, aligning with the overarching goal of combatting tuberculosis in the country.

Throughout the review, participants collectively worked towards achieving the outlined objectives. Through comprehensive discussions and collaborative efforts, the team succeeded in meeting these objectives, commending the ACCESS TB Project team for fostering an environment conducive to sharing best practices and identifying actionable plans for the future.

Key outputs generated during the review, including finalized accomplishment reports, catch-up plans, and agreements between the ACCESS TB Project and PBSP support units, are set to guide collective efforts towards achieving targets and ensuring the effective implementation of TB control strategies.

TBpeople Philippines expressed appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with various partners and stakeholders involved in the ACCESS TB Project, as well as PBSP support units. The diversity of perspectives and expertise brought to the table underscored the significance of collaboration in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by tuberculosis.

In conclusion, TBpeople Philippines reiterated heartfelt gratitude for the invitation to participate in the review and expressed eagerness to continue collaborating with the ACCESS TB Project towards the shared mission of eliminating tuberculosis in the Philippines.

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