Facility Visit and Patient Interview at the Lung Center of the Philippines

On February 22, 2024, the BPaL OR Team, in collaboration with esteemed partners from TB Alliance, Tropical Disease Foundation, KNCV, MMCHD, and TBPeople Philippines, conducted an insightful on-site visit to the Lung Center of the Philippines under the guidance of Dr. Jo-An Samoy-Tuy.

The primary objective of these courtesy visits was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s capacity to implement the programmatic scale-up of the BPaLM/BPaL. Additionally, the team aimed to share valuable insights derived from previous monitoring efforts during these visits.…

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OVERCOMING DISABILITY – Inclusive Perspective in the Philippine Tuberculosis Response (Policy Brief)

GRANT NAME: Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) 10
FUNDER: Stop TB Partnership

Objectives: At the end of the project implementation, OVERCOMING DISABILITY aims to:

  • Share reflections and provide suggestions to help the Philippines to incorporate disability-inclusive strategies in the implementation of its TB treatment program as part of its commitment to the Global Plan to end TB by 2030
  • Ensure that key and vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities gain fair and equitable access to quality TB prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services at the community level and to create opportunities for community-based, multi-sectoral, and participative mechanisms aimed at strengthening the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of TB including post-treatment care services


  • Documents review
  • Key informant interviews
  • Treatment site visits

Timeline: December 2021 to September 2023


This policy Brief would have not been possible without the support of Stop TB Partnership under Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) 10.…

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Courtesy Call with the Head of Schistosomiasis Control and Research Hospital Palo, Leyte

TBpeople Philippines and the Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM) had the opportunity to have a courtesy call with the head of Schistosomiasis Control and Research Hospital Palo,Leyte. It was an important meeting where we discussed various aspects related to tuberculosis (TB) control and research. Furthermore, our team also had the privilege to pay a visit to the CHO in Alang-Alang. This visit allowed us to witness firsthand the efforts being made at the local level to combat TB.…

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Onsite Monitoring meeting to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the Bedaquiline-Pretomanid-Linezolid (BPaL) treatment

TBpeople Philippines participated in the Onsite Monitoring meeting, which was organized by a monitoring team from LCP-NCPR, KNCV, TDFI, and Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital. The meeting aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the Bedaquiline-Pretomanid-Linezolid (BPaL) treatment regimen in the Philippines. The meeting took place at Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium (DJNRMH) PMDT Treatment Center Clinic and RTDL in Tala Caloocan City on June 29, 2023.…

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Courtesy Call with Calbayog City Mayor Raymund “Monmon” C. Uy (June 22, 2023)

It was a great honor for TBpeople Philippines and The Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM) to have a courtesy call with Calbayog City Mayor Raymund “Monmon” C. Uy last June 22. We are incredibly grateful for his support in strengthening our health system in the country and for taking the initiative to create TBpeoplePH Discipleship in Calbayog City. This partnership is crucial in our advocacy mission to combat tuberculosis and improve the overall health of our community.…

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Mayor Gomez’s Support to TB Initiatives (June 20, 2023)

TBpeople Philippines are so proud to be part of and collaborate with The Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM) in their efforts to End Tuberculosis (TB) and eliminate it from our country. It’s truly heartwarming to see organizations coming together for such an important cause. On June 20, Ormoc City Mayor Lucy Torres-Gomez further demonstrates their commitment to this advocacy.

Mayor Gomez’s support is crucial in ensuring the success of these initiatives.…

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TBpeople PH visits various important institutions in Eastern Visayas

June 19, 2023, TBpeople Philippines had the incredible opportunity to visit various important institutions in Eastern Visayas. We were honored to have a courtesy call with Governor Jericho “Icot” Petilla and the head of Eastern Visayas Medical Center, Chief II Dr. Salvador Evardone, where we discussed our mission and goals. Additionally, we paid visits to the DOH – Eastern Visayas Center for Health Development, City Health Office, O2 Generating Plant, HIV Treatment Hub, and the TB RTDL.…

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TBpeople Philippines joins the Tri KAP Assessment and Planning Workshop (June 13-16, 2023)

TBpeople Philippines joins the Tri KAP Assessment and Planning Workshop that took place from June 13-16, 2023, at the Ciudad Christia Resort in Rizal, focusing on TB, HIV, and Malaria. The workshop aimed to assess Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism or PCCM Tri KAP Engagement, plan KAP activities for the upcoming grant cycle and strategize for sustainable KAP Engagement.

As we look back on the past year, it’s important to take stock of what we’ve achieved and where we need to improve.…

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A Blind Woman’s Fight Against Tuberculosis

Analyn’s story is truly inspiring and humbling. Despite facing the challenges of Multi-Drug Resistant TB and blindness, she remains strong and resilient. Her determination to fight against this disease serves as a reminder that we should never take our good health for granted.

Watch the full story here https://youtu.be/W8uUhEnSQNs

It’s concerning to hear that Analyn couldn’t answer all of our questions about the support she receives from the government or her awareness of her rights as a person with a disability.…

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The #TuberculosisWarriors Partners Meeting (May 9, 2023)

It was an honor to be among such esteemed organizations and individuals who are all dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis. The #TuberculosisWarriors Partners Meeting on May 9, 2023, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders from across the Philippines, united in their commitment to ending this devastating disease once and for all.

TBpeople Philippines was inspired by the passion and dedication of our fellow attendees, UP Red Cross Youth, UP Kadugong Bol-anon Diliman, CO Manila – UP Diliman, Adamson University Student Government, Johnson & Johnson, DepEd Tayo PRIME NCR, Department of Health – Disease Prevention and Control Bureau, Commission on Higher Education(CHED), and DILG Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Relations.…

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