Courtesy Call with the Head of Schistosomiasis Control and Research Hospital Palo, Leyte

TBpeople Philippines and the Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM) had the opportunity to have a courtesy call with the head of Schistosomiasis Control and Research Hospital Palo,Leyte. It was an important meeting where we discussed various aspects related to tuberculosis (TB) control and research. Furthermore, our team also had the privilege to pay a visit to the CHO in Alang-Alang. This visit allowed us to witness firsthand the efforts being made at the local level to combat TB. It was inspiring to see how dedicated and passionate the staff members were in providing quality care and support to individuals affected by TB.

One key takeaway from these visits is that both institutions are aiming to establish their own One Stop Shop for TB. This comprehensive approach would greatly benefit those seeking treatment or information about TB, as it would provide them with all necessary services under one roof. This initiative highlights the commitment of these organizations towards improving access to healthcare and streamlining processes for better patient outcomes.

Overall, these experiences reaffirmed our belief in the power of collaboration and innovation when it comes to combating TB. By sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas, we can work together toward achieving a future free from the burden of this disease. We are hopeful that initiatives such as the establishment of One Stop Shops will pave the way for more effective and efficient TB control strategies in the Philippines and beyond.


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