Raising TB Awareness: TB Literacy Session at Siargao Beach Club

Recognizing the importance of education and awareness in fighting the TB disease, TBpeople Philippines has initiated a TB literacy session at the picturesque Siargao Beach Club PH. This session aims to educate both employees and employers about their rights, enhance understanding of TB, and ultimately contribute to stopping the spread of this disease.

It involves educating individuals about the disease, its transmission, symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures. With adequate knowledge, people can recognize symptoms early, seek timely medical attention, and adhere to treatment regimens, reducing the risk of transmission.…

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TBpeople Philippines Conducts TB Orientation in Dapa, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte to Strengthen Partnerships and Combat Tuberculosis

TBpeople Philippines recently visited the Municipality of Dapa on Siargao Island marking another meaningful step in the organization’s ongoing efforts to combat tuberculosis (TB) and contribute to the national goal of eradicating TB in the Philippines. The local leaders expressed their support and enthusiasm for TBpeople Philippines’ mission, recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the TB epidemic. The welcoming reception emphasized the community’s readiness to engage in proactive measures to fight TB.…

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TBpeople Philippines Advances TB Awareness in Surigao Del Norte

TBpeople Philippines recently undertook a series of strategic engagements in Siargao to advance their mission of combating tuberculosis (TB) and promoting awareness about the disease. The team’s visit included meetings with local government officials, educational institutions, media appearances, and community outreach activities.

The TBpeople Philippines team began their visit with a courtesy call to General Luna’s Mayor, Sol Forcadilla Matugas. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce TBpeople Philippines, outline their mission, and share the various projects and initiatives they have implemented across the country.…

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TBpeople Philippines Meets with Navotas City Officials to Strengthen TB Advocacy

TBpeople Philippines had the distinct honor of conducting a courtesy call with Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco and City Administrator Dr. Christia Padolina. This meeting marked a meaningful milestone in the ongoing fight against tuberculosis (TB) in the region.

TBpeople Philippines expressed their profound gratitude to Mayor Tiangco for his supportive video message for the “Fast Track The Cure” campaign. This campaign is an initiative aimed at accelerating the efforts to eradicate TB, and Mayor Tiangco’s unyielding commitment strengthens the importance of local government support in public health initiatives.…

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TBpeople Philippines participated in the PITX event with the team “Celebrating Father’s Day with Our Cool Drivers”

TBpeople Philippines, in collaboration with Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX), the Philippine Medical Students’ Association (PMSA), BDO (WMall Branch), and Red Ribbon (PITX), hosted a remarkable Father’s Day event themed “Celebrating Father’s Day with Our Cool Drivers.” This heartwarming event aimed to honor and appreciate the incredible drivers of beloved transport vehicles who tirelessly serve the community.

The event was a lively and engaging affair, featuring exciting prize giveaways for visitors at the booth.…

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TBpeople Philippines Collaborates with Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to Implement Tuberculosis Control Measures in the Workplace

The TBpeople Philippines team recently held a significant meeting with the staff of the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to discuss and implement tuberculosis (TB) control measures in the workplace. This collaboration marks a vital step toward improving health and safety for employees.

TBpeople Philippines initiatives aim to provide TB education to employees and share TB awareness in the workplace. In the meeting with PITX staff, the team took the opportunity to introduce the organization and its role in TB control within various community settings, including workplaces.…

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TBpeople Philippines Visit Napico Health Center in Pasig for TB Education and Engagement

TBpeople Philippines recently conducted an educational visit to the Napico Health Center in Pasig. This important event was led by Dr. Maria Corazon Veluz and Ms. Margaret Dy Tan, who have been at the forefront of TB advocacy and education in their community.

The visit aimed to engage with the local community and provide vital information about TB, its prevention, and treatment. With the health and well-being of the community in mind, TBpeople Philippines provides interactive sessions, ensuring that the residents of Napico are well-informed about the disease.…

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1Nature Corporation Celebrates First Anniversary with Inspiring Address by TBpeople Philippines PRO Victor Tudtud

1Nature Corporation marked its first anniversary with a grand celebration at D’Leonor Hotel in Bajada, Davao City. The event was spearheaded by the dynamic leadership of President and CEO Mr. Joseph Magno and Vice President Mr. Manuel Carbon. This milestone event was graced by the presence of hundreds of delegates and featured Mr. Victor Tudtud of TBpeople Philippines as one of the honored guest speakers.

Mr. Tudtud’s address was a highlight of the celebration, reflecting the collaborative spirit and shared values between 1Nature Corporation and TBpeople Philippines.…

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TBpeople Philippines and Caloocan Health City Department Join Forces for a TB-Free Future

On May 29, 2024, TBpeople Philippines had a productive courtesy call with Dr. Fernando Santos at the Caloocan Health City Department. This served as an essential platform to discuss ongoing and future initiatives aimed at combating tuberculosis (TB) in the community.

During the meeting, the team from TBpeople Philippines provided a comprehensive introduction to their organization, detailing their mission, vision, and the various projects they have undertaken. These initiatives are designed to support TB patients, raise awareness about the disease, and combat the stigma associated with TB.…

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TBpeople Philippines Leadership Shares Insights and Initiatives on XFM 100.7 Serbisyong Ka-Tropa

In an effort to support the fight against tuberculosis (TB) in the Philippines, key figures from TBpeople Philippines were recently featured as guests on XFM 100.7’s program Serbisyong Katropa. Ms. Cherry Florida, the President of TBpeople Philippines Davao, and Mr. Victor Tudtud, Public Relations Officer, joined the discussion alongside the organization’s President and Founder, Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng.

The radio segment provided a platform to introduce the TBpeople Philippines, an advocacy group dedicated to combating TB and supporting those affected by the disease.…

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