TBpeople Philippines Visits Caraga Region and Introduces the Innovative Approach to Fight Against TB

TBpeople Philippines recently extended its reach to the Caraga Region. Mr. James Irwin Basa, Executive Assistant of TBpeople Philippines, Mrs. Helen Paguio, a TB survivor from Kitcharao, Agusan Del Norte, and Mrs. Evangeline Zepeda, the mother and close contact of TBpeople Philippines President Mrs. Eloisa “Louie” Zepeda-Teng, conducted courtesy calls in the region to introduce the organization and its TB Discipleship Program initiatives.

During his visit, Mr. Basa had the privilege to meet with notable figures in local governance. Among them were Hon. Cesar Diaz Jr., Mayor of Tagana-an, Surigao Del Norte, Hon. Jenry Edradan Montante, Mayor of Kitcharao, Agusan Del Norte, and Hon. Rene Esma, Mayor of Alegria, Surigao del Norte. These engagements provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss collaborative efforts in combating TB and to introduce the innovative approach of TBpeople Philippines. 

The reception of TBpeople Philippines and the TB Discipleship Program initiatives was met with enthusiasm and interest by the officials of the Caraga Region. Recognizing the urgent need to address TB as a public health priority, the municipal mayors expressed their commitment to supporting and participating in collaborative efforts spearheaded by TBpeople Philippines. They pledged to mobilize resources, raise awareness, and engage their respective communities in the fight against TB.

TBpeople Philippines also introduced the Fast Track The Cure campaign and sought support from mayors to join the campaign. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals battling this debilitating disease gain access to more efficient and effective treatment options. 

As Mr. Basa concluded his courtesy calls, he left behind a sense of optimism and determination among the officials of the Caraga Region. The groundwork laid during his visit serves as a cornerstone for future collaborations and partnerships in the relentless pursuit of a TB-free Philippines. With steadfast commitment and concerted action, TBpeople Philippines and its partners aim to turn the tide against TB, one community at a time, until the day when TB becomes a relic of the past in the Caraga Region and beyond.

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