TBpeople Philippines Leadership Shares Insights and Initiatives on XFM 100.7 Serbisyong Ka-Tropa

In an effort to support the fight against tuberculosis (TB) in the Philippines, key figures from TBpeople Philippines were recently featured as guests on XFM 100.7’s program Serbisyong Katropa. Ms. Cherry Florida, the President of TBpeople Philippines Davao, and Mr. Victor Tudtud, Public Relations Officer, joined the discussion alongside the organization’s President and Founder, Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng.

The radio segment provided a platform to introduce the TBpeople Philippines, an advocacy group dedicated to combating TB and supporting those affected by the disease. They elaborated on various initiatives designed to educate and engage communities, aiming to create a TB-free Philippines.

One of the major topics discussed during the radio guesting was the discrimination and stigma that people with TB often faced. Ms. Zepeda-Teng emphasized the importance of viewing TB as a medical condition rather than a social curse. The guests pointed out that stigma can lead to delays in seeking treatment, thereby exacerbating the spread of the disease. TBpeople Philippines aims to dismantle these harmful perceptions through continuous education and community engagement.
Ms. Florida and Mr. Tudtud shared numerous success stories from Davao and other regions, illustrating the impact of TBpeople Philippines’ work. From organizing courtesy call radio guesting to collaborating with local governments, their efforts have significantly contributed to raising awareness and improving public health outcomes.

The radio guesting on XFM 100.7 Serbisyong Ka-Tropa anchored by Doc Lyndon Capulong, marks an opportunity to expand their reach. By broadcasting their message, TBpeople Philippines hopes to touch the lives of many more individuals and communities, providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to fight TB.

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