TBpeople Philippines Team Participates in UST Rx: Prescription for Wellness-Refresh, Recharge, Rejuvenate Event

On May 10, 2024, the TBpeople Philippines Team took center stage at the UST Rx: Prescription for Wellness-Refresh, Recharge, Rejuvenate Event held at the UST Central Seminary Gym. This event, a collaborative effort between the UST Faculty of Pharmacy, UST Health Service, and partners Pocari Sweat and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Inc., aimed to promote holistic wellness among attendees. The event was elegantly hosted by beauty queen Ms. Zara Carbonel.

TBpeople Philippines starts with the presentation of The Zero TB Forum by Ms. Louie Zepeda Teng, President and Founder of TBpeople Philippines, along with key members Mr. Nino Magpusao, Vice President and Communications Head, Ms. Danica Duran, Admin and Executive Secretary, Mr. LuisitoTay, Media Head and Ms. Jamel Sujarjo, Wellness Nurse.

Ms. Teng and her team elucidated on the mission and advocacies of TBpeople Philippines, shedding light on their tireless efforts in raising awareness about TB. Throughout the presentation, the TBpeople Philippines Team highlighted essential aspects of their work, detailing who they are and the core advocacies they champion. They emphasized the importance of TB discipleship and education, which are central to their strategy for fighting the disease.

The team shared also vital information on protection measures in today’s world, staying hydrated is important for everyone, regardless of their health status. This is especially important for individuals with TB, as proper hydration supports overall health and recovery, another information shared is the treatment options for TB patients, and the paramount significance of early detection in preventing the spread of TB.

At the event, a key highlight was the significant contribution of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to the fight against tuberculosis. They have developed Delamanid (Deltyba), a groundbreaking regimen for drug-resistant tuberculosis. This innovative treatment has received approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) for use across all age groups, marking a major advancement in TB care and offering new hope for those affected by drug-resistant strains of the disease.

The participation of TBpeople Philippines in the event served as an inspiration for individuals and communities to join hands in the fight against TB. Their advocacy, dedication, and expertise serve as guiding beacons in the ongoing battle against this formidable global health challenge.

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