TBpeople Philippines Intensifies Efforts to Fight Tuberculosis in Davao Region

TBpeople Philippines undertook a series of impactful engagements in Davao City, aimed at bolstering efforts to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) in the region. The day began with a successful courtesy call with Dr. Annabelle P. Yumang, MD, MCH, CESO lll, Regional Director, and Dr. David A. Mendoza, Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Health (DOH) – Region XI. This high-level meeting focused on developing and refining strategies to eliminate TB in Davao City and the region. Key discussion points included enhancing community engagement, implementing patient-centered care models, and strengthening local health systems to improve TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Following the meeting, the delegation participated in a press conference, the “Kapehan sa PIA” facilitated by the Philippine Information Agency. This event featured Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng as one of the key guest speakers. Ms. Zepeda-Teng’s address centered on raising awareness about TB, treatment options, and the new novel regimen. The press conference underscored the need for continuous public education to combat TB stigma promote health-seeking behavior and broaden the Davao community’s knowledge about TB and its treatment.

The final activity of the day involved a visit to the Davao Chest Center. TBpeople Philippines representatives had the privilege of meeting Dr. Nikita Jamiana and NTP Nurse John Tinio. The visit provided an opportunity to see the center’s facilities firsthand and express their support for the staff’s dedication to fighting TB. By interacting with healthcare professionals and patients, TBpeople Philippines brought a message of hope and solidarity in the fight for a TB-free Davao City.

TBpeople Philippines’ engagements in Davao City on May 21, 2024, reflect a concerted effort to intensify the fight against tuberculosis. By collaborating with regional health officials, educating the public, and supporting local healthcare facilities, they are cultivating a stronger response to TB. These activities highlight the importance of community involvement, innovative treatment approaches, and strengthening health systems in achieving the goal of a TB-free Davao City.

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