TBpeople Mindanao Representatives on Global Impact Radio Guesting

On April 30, 2024, key representatives from TBpeople Mindanao, a vital organization supporting tuberculosis (TB) awareness and care, participated in a radio guest appearance on OFW DXFE radio. Ms. Cherry Florida, President, Mr. Otreblide Lisac, Vice President, and Mr. Victor Tudtud, Community Health Officer, represented the Mindanao chapter. Notably, TBpeople Philippines Founder, Ms. Louie Zepeda Teng, was also invited and joined the discussion.

The representatives likely shed light on the current situation of TB in the Philippines, including prevalence rates, challenges faced in diagnosis and treatment, and ongoing efforts to control the disease. They might have provided insights into recent developments, data trends, and the overall impact of TB in the country.

By inviting TBpeople Mindanao and its founder, likely aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing fight against TB in the Philippines. The platform provided an opportunity to share crucial updates and highlight the challenges faced by TB patients.

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