TBpeople Philippines 2-Day Training Event Facilitated by Getz Healthcare Philippines, a division of Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc.

TBpeople Philippines embarked on a transformative two-day training event that brought together dedicated TBpeople Philippines team members from NCR, Davao, Sorsogon, and Zamboanga City. The training was facilitated by Ms. Michelle Goc-ong, National Sales Manager; Mr. Jomer Villanueva, Vice President, Medtech; Ms. Almira Calalang, Diagnostic and Laboratory Head; and Mr. Welvin Asid, Technical Support Supervisor, Getz Healthcare Philippines, a division of Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc., on May 8th and 9th, 2024. Their combined expertise provided a comprehensive learning experience that covered in-depth product knowledge, operational processes, and hands-on experience with the Truenat machine.

Truenat from Molbio Diagnostics Private Limited is the world’s first Point of Care( PoC) molecular diagnostic platform. It is a Chip-based Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test enables the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in both pulmonary and extrapulmonary specimens. Notably, Truenat’s ability to deliver timely and precise results on the same day heralds a significant advancement in TB diagnostics. 

The TBpeople team engaged in detailed sessions designed to enhance their understanding of the Truenat machine’s functionalities. These sessions included practical demonstrations and interactive modules that allowed the attendees to gain firsthand experience operating the machine. The training emphasized the importance of accuracy and efficiency in TB diagnostics, aiming to improve the overall quality of TB care in the Philippines.

By bringing together dedicated teams from across the country, the event also fostered a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This collective effort is expected to significantly impact TBpeople Philippines’ ability to share high-quality diagnostic services and contribute to their overarching goal of eradicating tuberculosis in the Philippines. The TBpeople team expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn this game-changing technology, underscoring the invaluable contribution of Getz in facilitating the training. The TBpeople team was also grateful for and appreciated the visit from Mr. Ian Grist, General Manager of Getz Healthcare Philippines, a division of Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc., during the training. 

Day 2 featured expert-led sessions delving into important aspects of TB treatment. Dr. Mamel Quelapio, MD, provided insights into drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB treatment in alignment with WHO guidelines. Dr. Quelapio’s presentation offered a comprehensive overview of treatment regimens, highlighting the nuances and specific approaches necessary for tackling both drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB. On the other hand, Dr. Charisse Malbacias, Medical Officer IV of DOH – Disease Prevention and Control Bureau (DPCB) provided valuable insights into the latest advancements in DRTB treatment. Her expertise provided attendees with up-to-date information and innovations in DRTB management, a critical and evolving area in the fight against TB. Dr. Malbacia’s session emphasized the importance of adopting new treatment strategies and staying abreast of ongoing research to improve patient outcomes. The final segment of the training featured a dynamic workshop led by Mr. Nilo Yacat, Project Manager of Center for Health Solutions and Innovations Philippines Inc. focusing on enhancing the personal development of the participants. This workshop was designed to empower team members to effectively present the organization and its mission. Through engaging activities and interactive exercises, participants honed their personalities, fostering greater confidence and cohesiveness within the team.

The two-day training event was executed with precision, enabling participants to expand their knowledge and skills in the fight against TB. By harnessing innovative technologies and staying abreast of the latest treatment protocols, TBpeople Philippines reaffirmed its dedication to driving positive change in the landscape of TB prevention and care.

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