Facility Visit to Batasan Hills Super Health Center

On February 23, 2024, the BPaL OR Team, in collaboration with esteemed partners from TB Alliance, Tropical Disease Foundation, KNCV, MMCHD, and TBPeople Philippines, conducted a comprehensive on-site visit to the Batasan Hills Super Health Center. The purpose of this visit was to gain valuable insights into the implementation of the New Novel Regimen BPaL for Drug Resistant TB Patients, a program facilitated by BHSHC that meets stringent eligibility criteria.

The dedicated TBpeoplePH Team, comprising Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng – Founder and President of TBPeople Philippines, Mr. Nino Magpusao – Vice President and Communications Head, Mr. Marcus Teng – Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Michael Lugtu – HR and Admin Assistant, maximized this opportunity to conduct interviews with key individuals at the facility. Noteworthy figures included Mr. Joseph Sumakaton, Ms. Grace Idea, and the esteemed head, Dra. Rubell Delos Santos.

During the visit, TBpeoplePH engaged in a meaningful conversation with Patient Anthony, a 39-year-old individual currently undergoing treatment with the BPaL Regimen at BHSHC. Despite being unable to meet in person due to familial responsibilities, Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng had a productive phone conversation with Patient Anthony.

Patient Anthony expressed profound gratitude for the services he is receiving at BHSHC and the compassionate care provided by the healthcare professionals. Despite the challenges he faces, particularly the need to attend to his baby without any support at the time of our visit, Patient Anthony highlighted the positive impact of the facility’s commitment to quality healthcare. This firsthand account underscores the importance and success of BHSHC’s efforts in delivering effective and patient-centered care to those undergoing treatment for Drug-Resistant TB.

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