TBpeople Davao and PCCM Conducts Site Visits in Davao

TBpeople Davao in collaboration with the (PCCM) has been conducting site visits in Davao. The primary objective of these visits is to ensure that all activities funded by the Global Fund are being implemented according to set guidelines and standards.

By engaging in site visits, Mr. Victor Tudtud, Officer of TBpeople Davao and the PCCM aim to strengthen monitoring efforts and ensure accountability in the execution of GF projects. This hands-on approach allows them to address any issues or challenges faced by project implementers promptly, thus facilitating smooth project implementation.

Through their unwavering commitment to conducting site visits, TBpeople Philippines Davao and the PCCM team demonstrate their dedication to upholding transparency and effectiveness in project management. These site visits serve as a vital tool in ensuring the successful execution of GF projects in Davao and beyond.

The proactive approach taken by TBpeople Davao and the PCCM in conducting site visits highlights their commitment to ensuring the success of GF projects. Their efforts not only enhance project monitoring but also contribute to the overall advancement of tuberculosis control initiatives in the region.

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