TBpeople Philippines Participated in the Philippine Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (PAPO) General Meeting

TBpeople Philippines recently participated in the Philippine Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (PAPO) General Meeting on April 18th, 2024 held at Katipunan, Bonifacio Hall in Quezon City.

A delegation from TBpeople Philippines, including Mr. Luisito Tay, Media Officer; Mr. Allen Joshua Tortosa, Research and Development Specialist; Mr. Alvin Ferry IT Head; and Mr. James Irwin Basa, Executive Assistant. The general meeting centered on a meaningful topic: creating a more patient-centered approach to TB care. This focus aligns perfectly with TBpeople Philippines’ mission of advocating for accessible and effective TB treatment for all.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing. TBpeople Philippines representatives gained valuable insights into current PhilHealth benefits and new inclusions that empower patients to actively participate in achieving healthcare for all. This knowledge will be instrumental in their ongoing advocacy efforts.

During the event, TBpeople Philippines had the opportunity to connect with Ms. Leyden V. Florido, Treasurer, and Ms. Regina Rosario Z. Javier, from Rainbow Camp Foundation, Phil. Inc. They shared insights into their advocacy for individuals with diabetes. This exchange of ideas and experiences was valuable for TBpeople Philippines as they work towards better healthcare outcomes for their community.

TBpeople Philippines’ participation in the PAPO General Meeting signifies their commitment to working alongside other patient advocacy organizations. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a patient-centered focus, TBpeople Philippines is well-positioned to play a vital role in advocating for improved healthcare for all Filipinos, particularly those battling TB.

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