TBpeople Philippines Case-Finding Campaign at Caloocan City Business High School (Urduja Health Center)

The TBpeople Philippines Case-Finding Campaign, a collaborative effort between various stakeholders, successfully provided TB screenings and diagnostic testing for teaching and non-teaching school staff at Caloocan City Business High School (Urduja Health Center). This initiative, borne out of a request by the CCBHS club SIPAG, exemplifies the power of teamwork in safeguarding public health.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Conduct TB screenings using X-ray services for school staff.
  • Perform rapid diagnostic testing (Truenat) for TB detection.
  • Enroll diagnosed individuals in appropriate treatment programs.
  • Raise awareness about TB prevention and treatment within the school community.

The campaign’s strength lay in its collaborative spirit. TBpeople Philippines, CCBHS club SIPAG, ACCESS TB Mobile X-Ray Van, Caloocan City Health Office, and Getz Healthcare Molbio-Truenat mRDT all played crucial roles. This synergy ensured comprehensive TB services for the school staff.

The leadership of Mr. John Vincent Viloria Conde and the SIPAG club was instrumental. Their dedication to mobilizing resources, raising awareness, and promoting health consciousness among staff was essential to the campaign’s success. The remarkable turnout of school staff for screenings highlighted their interest in preventive healthcare. This enthusiastic response reflects the effectiveness of outreach efforts and the school community’s commitment to well-being.

The campaign identified a critical ethical concern – a diagnosed staff member facing potential job-related repercussions. This underscores the need for advocating for non-discriminatory practices and fostering a supportive school environment. Collaborative discussions with school management are essential to uphold the individual’s rights and prevent future instances of discrimination. This incident serves as a springboard to promote awareness about TB-related stigma, advocate for inclusive policies, and cultivate a culture of compassion and support within the school community.

The TBpeople Philippines Case-Finding Campaign serves as a model for collaborative public health initiatives. By addressing identified challenges and promoting a supportive environment, future campaigns can ensure not only TB detection and treatment but also the well-being and dignity of all school staff.

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