TBpeople PH Discipleship: San Fernando Pampanga – Association Launching

TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc is now on the road to creating City Associations all over the regions in the country to train and disciple TB Survivors to be certified TB advocates that will become a BIG help to the TB Community supported by Challenge Facility for Civil Society of Stop TB Partnership.

Last July 13, 2022, our team personally visit the first City Association Creation of TBpeople PH in Region 3 at San Fernando, Pampanga where we met the FIRST-EVER FERNANDINA MAYOR. City of San Fernando, Pampanga Mayor Vilma Caluag officially took her oath of office at Heroes Hall on June 30, 2022. CITY Mayor Vilma B. Caluag has just made history in this city’s politics – having been sworn in as the city’s first-ever female local chief executive.

TBpeople PH CEO and President Ms. Louie Zepeda Teng discussed with City Mayor Vilma B. Caluag the implementation of medical and social services to the beneficiaries through the help of government offices and barangays incline with the Mandanas-Garcia ruling, disability inclusion in the current TB program that we have now and the creation of an association of TB patients, survivors, and their families. And Ms. Louie asked for support on the needed budget for the communicable disease TB, and accessible services for the residents with a disability.

To cut the long, exciting, and successful story short that we experienced in our Pampanga adventure, City Mayor Vilma B. Caluag give her support and acknowledge the City Association we created in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga and we’ll have our next appointment soon to tackle many things about TB Program in her beloved city and hoping that other cities nearby will do the same for the sake of their respective constituents. Thank you, Mayor Ate Vilma Caluag, for the support of our advocacy and to our TBpeople PH Discipleship: Region III City Association Creation in San Fernando, Pampanga.







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