Malabon City Health Department Courtesy Call

TBpeople Philippines representatives, Mr. Niño Magpusao, Vice President and Communication Head; Mr. Eddie Patac, Admin and Partnership Officer; and Mr. Allen Joshua Tortosa, Research and Development Specialist, visited Malabon City Health Department – Health Promotion Unit and met with Dr. Bernadette Estocapio-Bordador , MD, MHSS, on April 12, 2024. The purpose of the courtesy call was to introduce TBpeople Philippines and explore potential collaborations for TB Discipleship and TB Education initiatives.

The visit served as a key platform for TBpeople Philippines to introduce its mission, ongoing projects, and innovative approaches to tackling the TB crisis. Of particular focus were the organization’s programs, TB Discipleship and TB Education, which target various facets of TB prevention, awareness, and community engagement across the Philippines.

 The TB Discipleship initiative seeks to mobilize communities and organizations in the fight against TB. By integrating TB education and awareness within faith-based contexts, the program strives to reach vulnerable populations, often marginalized in traditional healthcare settings. Similarly, TB Education endeavors to dispel misconceptions, reduce stigma, and empower individuals with knowledge about TB prevention and treatment through tailored educational campaigns and outreach activities.

The courtesy call aimed to strengthen the bond between TBpeople Philippines and the Malabon City Health Department, paving the way for enhanced collaboration in TB control efforts. Through shared expertise, resources, and strategic planning, both entities aspire to develop comprehensive strategies to address the multifaceted challenges posed by TB in the region.

By nurturing partnerships and leveraging collective strengths, TBpeople Philippines and the Malabon City Health Department envision a future where TB no longer threatens the health and well-being of communities. The courtesy call signifies a significant step forward in the collaborative journey toward realizing this vision, underscoring the importance of solidarity and concerted action in the global fight against TB.

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