Day 2: Empowering Davaoeños for a Building Partnerships and Educating Community

TBpeople Philippines continued its mission to raise awareness and combat tuberculosis (TB) in Davao City on Day 2 of their activities. On the second day of their activity in Davao, TBpeople Philippines continued their mission to raise awareness and promote initiatives to combat tuberculosis (TB) in the community. The day’s agenda was packed with significant engagements, starting with a series of courtesy calls to local officials, followed by workplace health promotion, and concluding with a radio interview to reach a broader audience.

The day began with a visit to the office of Vice Mayor J. Melchor Quitain and Health Committee Chairman, Konsi Richlyn “Che-Che” Justol. This courtesy call aimed to introduce TBpeople Philippines, providing an in-depth overview of the organization’s mission, background, and ongoing initiatives. The meeting was a fruitful exchange of ideas, with both parties discussing strategies to tackle TB within Davao City.

Following the productive meeting in Davao City, the TBpeople Philippines team traveled to Sto. Tomas, Davao Del Norte. Here, they met with Mayor Angkol Ronald Dejesica and Barangay Chairman Ms. Janette Dejesica Castromayor and they were briefed on TBpeople Philippines’ goals and the significant impact of TB awareness campaigns. The discussion focused on strategies to improve TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, ensuring that the community receives comprehensive support in the fight against TB.

The next engagement was with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., where the TBpeople Philippines team met with Ms. Roxanne L. Buenaflor, RN. The focus of this visit was to introduce the organization and discuss the scheduling of a TB in the Workplace program for the employees of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. This collaboration with Phoenix Petroleum is a testament to the importance of partnerships in TB health campaigns.

The final engagement of the day was a radio interview on XFM’s “Serbisyong Ka-Tropa” with Anchor. Marvin Ebano. The interview featured key members of TBpeople Philippines, including President and Founder Ms. Louie Zepeda Teng, Vice President and Communications Head Mr. Niño Magpusao, and TBpeople Philippines Davao President Ms. Cherry Florida. They shared their personal experiences with TB treatment, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs encountered. They also provided valuable information on TB prevention, symptoms, and treatment options, reinforcing the message that TB is a curable disease with proper medical intervention and community support.

As night fell, TBpeople Philippines hosted a welcome dinner for participants of the 2-day TB Discipleship and TB Education Training at Acacia Hotel. The event provided an opportunity to meet and exchange among attendees, fostering a sense of community and solidarity in the fight against TB. Participants shared their journeys of overcoming TB, reinforcing the message of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

Day 2 of the TBpeople Philippines activity in Davao was marked by meaningful interactions and strategic discussions aimed at amplifying TB awareness. The series of courtesy calls, workplace engagements, and public outreach through the radio interview illustrated the multifaceted approach of TBpeople Philippines in addressing TB. By fostering strong partnerships with local officials, engaging workplaces, and reaching out to the public, TBpeople Philippines continues to lead the charge in eradicating TB in the Philippines.

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