Advancing TB Control: AI For Radiology Innovations Implementers’ Exchange Event

TBpeople Philippines President, Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng, made a significant mark in the fight against tuberculosis (TB) by attending the “AI For Radiology Innovations Implementers’ Exchange,” together with Stop TB Partnership, Department of Health, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the The Global Fund, held at the prestigious Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City. The gathering, convened on March 11, 2024, focused on harnessing the potential of radiography and artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster tuberculosis (TB) control efforts.

Ms. Zepeda-Teng emphasized the important role of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in interpreting chest X-rays for TB detection. With TB remaining a pressing public health issue in the Philippines, she shared the necessity of increasing the adoption of AI-powered screening tools across the country. She highlighted the potential of AI to revolutionize TB screening efforts, leading to more timely and accurate diagnoses, and ultimately saving lives.

TBpeople Philippines’ advocacy resonated strongly with attendees, sparking discussions on the practical implementation of AI technology in TB control programs. By harnessing AI to analyze chest X-ray images, healthcare providers can enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline TB screening processes.

Ms. Zepeda-Teng’s passionate commitment to leveraging technology-driven solutions in the fight against TB left a lasting impression. Her leadership continues to drive TBPeople Philippines’ mission to improve TB outcomes through innovation and collaboration. With her leading the charge, there is optimism for a future where AI-powered X-ray screening tool play a central role in achieving TB elimination goals in the Philippines and beyond.

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