Regional Dialogue at UN High-Level Meeting Commitments on Tuberculosis

The Stop TB Partnership and the Department of Health Philippines co-hosted a significant Regional Dialogue in Sofitel Manila, Philippines, that served as a springboard for strategizing and taking action toward achieving the UN High-Level Meeting Commitments on Tuberculosis (TB).

One of the highlights of the event was the participation of Mr. Joegene V. Mangilaya from TBpeople Philippines. Mr. Mangilaya’s presence at this significant meeting underscores the important role TB survivors play in the fight against the disease. His powerful message resonated deeply with a distinguished audience that included Ministers of Health, government officials, TB program managers, parliament members, and influential figures.

The dialogue served as a platform for prioritizing actions, mobilizing resources, and advocating for increased global funding to combat TB. Participants also discussed strategies to enhance TB services worldwide.

Throughout the dialogue, participants reaffirmed their commitment to prioritizing concrete actions to combat TB effectively. Central to these efforts was the mobilization of resources, both financial and technical, to strengthen health systems and expand access to quality TB services. Recognizing the important role of advocacy, delegates resolved to intensify efforts to secure increased funding for TB programs, ensuring sustainability and resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Moreover, the Regional Dialogue served as a platform for the exchange of innovative strategies and interventions tailored to diverse regional contexts. From leveraging digital technologies for enhanced surveillance and diagnosis to promoting community engagement and empowerment, participants explored a spectrum of approaches to bolster TB prevention, care, and support. By utilizing collective expertise and innovative solutions, stakeholders aimed to accelerate progress toward achieving global TB targets

This regional dialogue marks an important step forward in the collective effort to eradicate TB. With the combined voices of TBpeople Philippines, government officials, and healthcare professionals, the fight against TB continues to gain momentum.

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