Philippines Country Coordinating Mechanism Country Dialogue (February 1-3, 2023)

On February 1-3, 2023, the TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc., a KAP Committee of the Philippines Country Coordination Mechanism (PCCM), was invited to take part in the Country Dialogue at the Citystate Tower Hotel in Ermita Manila alongside its members. The aforementioned country dialogue is intended to be the culmination of a series of discussions with various stakeholders, including government agencies, development partners, NGOs, civil society groups, and the most important affected communities. As this signal the end of all consultations for the proposal that will be presented to the Global Fund on March 20, it presents a difficult challenge for the PCCM. In addition, the New Funding Model 4 proposal may only be properly filed with the backing of all PCCM members (NFM4).

The Country Dialogue also provides a forum for discussing HIV recommendations. activities and services for TB and malaria that can better satisfy community needs. Additionally, decisions on which services the Global Fund should be asked to invest in are made at this event, taking everyone’s priorities into consideration.  

TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. was thrilled to have been invited to be a part of the Country Dialogue; representing key affected populations (KAPs) such as those living with TB and their families, TBpeople PH sought to engage in meaningful dialogue that could provide insights into how best support them. A great opportunity was offered to discuss possible initiatives and programs that would address the needs of KAPs, especially those related to access to essential treatments and services for TB. In addition, the organization worked closely with other participants to ensure that the proposed investments are reflective of all stakeholders’ interests. This ensures that resources will go to the right places, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met.

TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc., as part of the KAP Committee of the Philippines Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM), was delighted to be invited to this important event. During the three days in Citystate Tower Hotel, TBpeople PH worked alongside their partners and other stakeholders from around the country to discuss how best to provide resources for those living with TB and their families. By gathering valuable input from representatives of different communities, the organization can ensure that decisions on services investment better serve those affected by these diseases. At the end of the dialogue, TBpeople PH had a better understanding of what is needed when it comes to improving access to treatments and services for those affected by TB in the Philippines.

The dialogue also gave the organization an opportunity to raise awareness about TB, particularly for those living in rural and underserved areas of the country. The importance of educating communities on prevention and early detection is vital as it can help reduce the spread of the disease while providing better outcomes for individuals living with TB. Additionally, TBpeople PH was able to collaborate with local organizations and government bodies to find ways to effectively address the financial burden that people with TB experience when receiving treatment. This kind of collaboration helps ensure that all stakeholders have a say in how resources are allocated for the health and well-being of their fellow citizens. Ultimately, the Country Dialogue proved to be a fruitful exercise for TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. The event provided a unique opportunity for TBpeople PH to better understand the needs of those living with TB in the Philippines and create an environment where knowledge sharing is possible. This dialogue enabled them to not only learn from the different perspectives present but also find ways to come together as one and make a difference in the lives of Filipino citizens living with TB. The Country Dialogue was beneficial for all stakeholders involved, including TBpeople PH who was able to use this platform to voice their concerns and collaborate with other organizations towards developing solutions that address current health issues in the country. Through this collaborative effort, they were able to gain insight into how best to improve access to treatments and services while emphasizing the need for prevention and early detection of TB. The Country Dialogue provided TBpeople PH with the opportunity to be heard and to have a positive impact on their fellow citizens. By joining forces with other organizations, they were able to come up with creative solutions that will help tackle current health issues faced by Filipinos living with TB. Additionally, the event also enabled them to become more informed about the latest trends in TB diagnosis and treatment methods. This further reinforced the importance of educating people about the disease and its prevention measures, as well as creating awareness around access to treatments and services for those living with TB.

Overall, the Country Dialogue was a great success for all parties involved. It proved to be an invaluable experience for TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc., which was able to use this platform to gain knowledge and insight into how to make an impact on the lives of those affected by tuberculosis. The three-day Country Dialogue provided a unique opportunity for TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc., as it allowed them to interact with other organizations and share their experiences in combating tuberculosis. The event also encouraged open dialogue between stakeholders, which was essential in ensuring that there is collaboration among all parties involved. By coming together and working together with a common goal in mind, they were able to come up with ideas that will ultimately benefit Filipino citizens living with TB.

Furthermore, this platform enabled members from the KAP Committee of the PCCM to be heard and given a chance to provide input regarding TB issues in the country. This made it possible for meaningful change to take place, which could not have been done without the participation of TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. and other members of the KAP Committee. The Country Dialogue was truly a great success for all parties involved and it serves as an example of what can be achieved when different organizations come together to discuss important issues that affect the Filipino people.

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