Interim Implementation Review for iDOTS Phase 2 (April 17-20, 2023)

Last April 17-20, 2023, TBpeoplePH participated in the on-site visits in the Bicol Region, Camarines Sur, with the Department of Health, USAID, LCP, DPCB, CHO, PCO, PDO, PMDT, PBSP, WHO, RITM, NTRL, and others for the Interim Implementation Review for iDOTS Phase 2; we also had the opportunity to meet with their municipal mayors in CamSur. We visited their doctors too, nurses, coordinators, and many health facility staffs during our visits to the RHUs of Goa, San Jose, and Sagnay to assess their health services, acknowledge their improvements, and provide suggestions. We also had the opportunity to meet and interview several tuberculosis patients who are getting treatment.

We noticed some concerns regarding RHUs and we recommended improvements, particularly in the Patient Support System, that should be reviewed and highlighted in future stages of iDOTS Phase 2. We have been moved by the stories of Tuberculosis Survivors and those currently battling the disease, and we sympathize with them as survivors. We shared our stories with them, to motivate and encourage them to finish the fight, and we told them that they are not alone in their battle. We also offered them the virtual help that we could provide for the time being while we aim to create a Patient Support Group in the city where they live.

We want to thank the following Health Care Providers and Public Servants we met in Camarines Sur.

Hon. John Vincent Fuentebella
Sagñay Muncipal Mayor

Vinaisa Pejo Sekhon, MD
Sagñay Municipal Health Officer

Cristina B. Briguera, RN
Sagñay Public Health Nurse

Hon. Jerold B Peña
San Jose Muncipal Mayor

Arnel P Armea, MD
San Jose Municipal Health Officer

Kristoffer Dan A Verdejo, RN
San Jose Public Health Nurse

Hon. Marcel S. Pan
Goa Municipal Mayor

Diosdado G. Fuentebella, MD
Goa Municipal Health Officer

Jayson Patrick T. Ramirez
Jaypee C. Pares
Goa Public Health Nurses

Center for Health Development Bicol
Dr. Jannish E. Alcala-Arellano,
IDC Head/Regional NTP Coordinator
Ms. Aida Ruby Jeremias,
Nurse V/Regional NTP Nurse Coordinator

Provincial DOH Office – Camarines Sur
Dr. Rey J. Millena, MD, MCHN, FP CAM

Provincial Health Office
Ms. Rhaponcel M. Filio,
Provincial NTP Nurse Coordinator

Provincial Department of Health Office
Ms. Mildred Panes, DMO

Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Satellite Treatment Centers
Dr. Julian Naismith Lavadia, STC Physician
Ms. Mary France P. Velasco, STC Nurse

This activity is supported by TB Alliance and Stop TB Partnership Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) Round 10

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