Focus Group Discussion with Disability Core Group of TBpeople Philippines.

Last March TBpeople PH met disability federation leaders which allowed the group to discuss the goals that TB People PH wants to achieve. TB People PH conducted a TB Literacy for the TBility Ability Core Team and Identifying Barriers to Access for Persons with Disability on the Health Program in Tuberculosis last April 20, 2022 at Bayview Park Hotel Manila and via Zoom Meeting.

The discussion is to provide and give an overview of the key items that we are going to be working on for the Disability Inclusion project, shared with the group our timeline and what kind of assistance we need from the organization representative and leaders. TB people PH also aim to provide a deeper awareness of the tuberculosis disease, with the help of our representatives in different disability sectors and organizations. Discussion includes the status and updates in TB Programs in our country and we had a quick presentation about “What is Tuberculosis” which provided the participants a deeper understanding that some TB cases may causes permanent disability. It was discussed that tuberculosis should be highlighted and reiterated the call to invest more in TB Program to reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities (such as persons who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired, mobility impaired or wheelchair user, those with mental disabilities or with pre-existing learning or developmental disabilities), and also address disabilities due to Tuberculosis.

We believe, that with the help of the Disability Organization representatives, ideas, recommendations and suggestions, we will be able to lay out the process on how to improve and help the current TB Program to address the concerns of People with Disability affected by Tuberculosis.

Overall, it was a very successful event and we are grateful to our participants who are members and leaders of their own organization. This is a great step forward into working together in achieving one goal. Which is to create a toolkit for the disability inclusion project under stop tb partnership for challenge facility for civil society.

We are looking forward in engaging with the great minds once again soon:

John Paulo Trinidad of Philippine Federation of the Deaf

Disney Aguila of Pinoy Deaf Rainbow

Victor Rescober of Philippine Blind Union

Erico Abordo of Architect for Accessibility

Janine Cruzet of NOVEL Philippines

Jerwin Vivas of Bigkis Ng Pwd Association Inc -Bipa

Annalyn Biglain of Silent voices

Lucy Castillo of Silent voices

JX Baliza and Ember Parpa our Partners Interpreters

Ernesto Garcia

Jose Fermin

Josh Habab

RJ Zaragoza.

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