TBility EP2 | Community Consultation during NDPR Week with LPPWD

In Celebration of 44th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week with the theme:
“Pamahalaan kabalikat sa Pagtupad ng Pantay na Edukasyon, Trabaho at Kabuhayan, tugon sa
Pagpapalakas ng Taong May Kapansanan”

Last July 19, 2022, at Senior Citizen Center, Myrna Panlilio Street, Heritage Homes BF Resort Village, Brgy
Talon Dos, Las Pinas City, TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc with KALIPI Las Piñas Officers and other
PWD organization representatives, had our first TBility Community Consultation.
We introduced the TB People Philippines Organization Inc. and officers and leaders that are present at
that time also shared their stories of being diagnosed with Tuberculosis and winning the battle against
this dreaded disease.

We talk about a lot of things about TB, from one participant knowing someone that won and also lost
the fight against TB, to a family member that has been diagnosed before with Tuberculosis and the fact
that TB can also cause a disability in some cases. Sadly, many people are not aware of the challenges
one person may have in seeking and receiving proper treatment even in the earlier part which is the
screening and diagnosis.

Seeing barriers and understanding that there are affected communities that have special needs or
attention must have a different approach in health care facilities. TBpeople PH CEO and President Ms.
Louie Zepeda Teng and Officers shared their own experiences which gave motivation and inspiration to
our session participants. We made them feel how passionate our group is about our advocacy and how
We, similar to them, hoping for a better and seamless experience in seeking medical assistance.
We discussed and share TB Awareness and Disability Inclusion and Recommendations and our Policy
Brief Titled: “Overcoming human rights barriers and Adopting a Disability- Inclusive Perspective in the
Philippine” By: TBPeople Philippines, a Project that is being supported by StopTB Partnership under the
Challenge Facility for Civil Society, round 10.

We gave an overview of our Policy Brief and consulted/inquired to our participants about their
perspectives on how to make seeking medical assistance for TB more accessible and the things that they
think that needs be prioritized. All in all, we saw how happy and hopeful our attendees were and one
participant mentioned that finally, someone is looking after the “most-of-the-time” neglected sector,
PWD. After the session, we felt that were able to make everyone feel included. Just like the book of
James I. Charlton titled “Nothing about us, Without us”

At the end of the session, attendees affirmed support for the Project that we are working on.
From the bottom of our hearts, the leadership and all staff of TB People Philippines Organization Inc, we
thank every organization that supports TBpeople PH: TBility session, until next time!








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