Facility Visit to Philippines Tuberculosis Society Inc.

On February 23, 2024, following our visit to the Batasan Hills Super Health Center, the BPaL OR Team, in collaboration with esteemed partners from TB Alliance, Tropical Disease Foundation, KNCV, MMCHD, and TBPeople Philippines, carried out a meaningful on-site visit to the Philippines Tuberculosis Society Inc. (PTSI) located within the Quezon Institute (QI) in Quezon City. The TBpeoplePH Team, consisting of Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng – Founder and President, Nino Magpusao – Vice President and Communications Head, Marcus Teng – Chief Operating Officer and Michael Lugtu – HR and Admin Assistant, utilized this opportunity to engage in interviews with key individuals at PTSI, including Ms. Myrna Nungay and other staff members.

During our visit to PTSI, it was heartening to connect not only with one or two but four patients currently undergoing treatment under the BPaL Regimen. PTSI stands out as one of the facilities in Quezon City that has been implementing the BPaL Regimen since January 2024, following its signing in December 2023. Among the individuals we had the privilege of meeting and interviewing were Cherida (55 years old), Mary Grace (33 years old), Gerald (34 years old), and Michelle (15 years old), the youngest among them.

The TBpeoplePH Team took the opportunity to share their own life stories as MDRTB survivors, aiming to uplift spirits, provide motivation, and emphasize that despite the challenges they are facing, there is hope to look forward to, and life, indeed, must go on because of its inherent beauty. Patients Cherida, Mary Grace, Gerald, and Michelle expressed deep gratitude for encountering TBpeoplePH, realizing that there is a supportive community beyond medicine. Each patient shared unique experiences, demonstrating diversity in their journeys but a common goal—to fight and survive. Their collective narratives serve as a powerful testament to the resilience and strength inherent in those combating drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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