Collaboration Ignites Hope for a TB-Free Philippines – Tuberculosis Medical Advisory Committee Summit

On January 24th, The Department of Health (DOH) and fhi360, in partnership with USAID’s TB Innovations and Health Systems Strengthening (TBIHSS) Project, orchestrated the impactful “TB Medical Advisory Committee Summit.” This collaborative two-day event aimed to elevate the proficiency in tackling tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant (DR)-TB, marking a pivotal step towards a healthier future for the Philippines.

The summit served as a vital platform for knowledge exchange and strategic planning. The event fostered an environment of shared learning and commitment, from strengthening treatment proficiency to discussing real-world challenges and exploring innovative solutions. Updates on global advancements in TB management ensured participants were well-equipped to address the evolving complexities of the disease. TBPeople Philippines, a dedicated advocate for TB elimination, held a unique position at the summit representing the Patient Support Group, 

Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng, Founder and President of TBPeople Philippines, and Mr. Nino, Vice President and Communications Head of TBPeople Philippines, actively contributed to the discussions. They shared invaluable insights from real-life situations and impactful cases, offering constructive suggestions highlighting the current community landscape. Their participation ensured that patient voices were heard and actively integrated into developing effective strategies.

The TB MAC Summit stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. By bringing together various stakeholders under one roof, the event facilitated the exchange of knowledge, fostered understanding, and paved the way for collective action. This collaborative spirit reflects the shared commitment of the DOH, fhi360, USAID, TBpeople Philippines, and all participants to create a TB-free Philippines.

Let us join hands and continue this journey together! Together, we can create a future where TB no longer poses a threat.

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