TBpeoplePH Manila meet and greet MHD City Health Officer Dr. Arnold M. Pangan, MD, RSW (July 29, 2022)

Last July 29, 2022, TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. visited the Manila Health Department to meet and greet Dr. Arnold “Poks” Pangan – City Health Officer (MHD) and introduce our City Association Creation for Manila with Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng, Founder and President of TBpeoplePH, Mr. Niño Magpusao TBPeoplePH Vice President, and the appointed President of TBpeoplePH – Manila and Ms. Danica Pastorpedi Duran as City Association Creation for Manila’s Vice President. 

It was a great honor for us to meet Dr. Poks and discuss our plans on how we can bring more awareness about TB in Manila. We felt excited to introduce the members of our association, who are determined to make a positive difference in their community by providing access to TB education and advocacy. Our team is passionate about making sure everyone understands how to prevent and fight against TB. We will work together to spread knowledge and support those living with TB throughout Manila and beyond. It was an amazing experience to have the chance to meet Dr. Poks and discuss how we could help raise awareness about TB in Manila. We are determined to make sure that everyone has access to accurate information so they can prevent and fight against this dangerous disease. The members of our association believe strongly in helping those living with TB and advocating for their rights. Our team is dedicated to spreading knowledge and providing support for all of those affected by this illness, not just in Manila but also beyond its borders.

We are confident that, together, we can make a difference and create a better future for those dealing with TB. We look forward to working alongside Dr. Poks and other stakeholders to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need to stay healthy and safe. We believe that education is key in combating TB and we want everyone to be able to benefit from this information. By working together, we can raise awareness about the dangers of tuberculosis, reduce the number of new infections, and provide much needed support for those living with this disease. Through our joint efforts, we can ensure that all people have access to the resources they need to keep themselves healthy and protected against TB. Tuberculosis is a serious and life-threatening condition, yet it doesn’t have to be. Doctor Poks and our association, we can take action and create a brighter future for those affected by TB. We are committed to educating people about this disease and providing them with resources they need to protect their health.

Through collaboration and support, we can make sure that everyone has access to information on how to stay safe from tuberculosis and receive the treatment they need if infected. Working together, we can reduce the spread of this dangerous illness and provide much needed assistance for those living with TB. Tuberculosis is a serious threat to public health, and we all need to do our part in order to reduce its spread. By educating ourselves about TB and how it can be prevented, we can help make sure that fewer people contract the disease. We also need to come together as a community and offer support for those who are living with TB, ensuring they have access to the treatments and resources they need. Together, we can work towards reducing the number of new infections and providing much needed aid to those affected by this condition.

At Poks and our association, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership when it comes to tackling complex issues like tuberculosis. By pooling our knowledge and resources, we can increase awareness about the signs, symptoms, and treatments of TB. Additionally, we can work to improve access to healthcare in areas where people are at risk for the illness, as well as advocating for resources to help those living with tuberculosis receive the support they need. By combining our efforts, we can make sure that everyone has the information and aid necessary to protect themselves from this disease.

With the right education, resources, and collaboration, we can reduce its spread and provide assistance for those affected by the illness. We all play an important role in helping fight against TB, and together we can make sure that fewer people contract the disease and more individuals get the treatment they need.

Through educating people about the risks and symptoms of TB, we can help them understand how to stay safe. We can also make sure that medical care is available in places where it’s needed most, so anyone who does get sick can receive the treatment they need as soon as possible. In addition, we can fight for funding to support those living with tuberculosis, making sure that their needs are met. This means providing access to medicines and other necessities that allow people to manage their condition successfully. Tackling tuberculosis requires all of us to come together and work collaboratively towards a common goal.

By pooling our knowledge and resources, we can empower communities around the world to protect themselves from this disease. Through education, we can spread awareness of TB, encouraging people to take action to prevent it from spreading. We must also provide support and resources for those affected by the illness. Whether it’s providing medical supplies or social services, everyone has a part to play in creating a better future for all. Together, we can make sure that no one is left behind when it comes to fighting tuberculosis. This dialogue is supported by the Challenge Facility for Civil Society of Stop TB Partnership.

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