TBpeople Philippines meet the MDH – TB Control and Prevention Officer Dr. Maria Julieta Casillano-Recidoro and her Team (August 8, 2022)

After the memorable initial meeting with Manila Health Department’s Division, On August 8, 2022, the formal introduction between TBPeople PH and Officer in Charge of the Office of TB Control and Prevention – Manila Health Department Dr. Maria Julieta Casillano-Recidoro with her team Dr. Richard Castro, Ma’am Raquel Calixtro, and Ma’am Chachi Panuelos Veleña happened.

We talk about our proposal of partnership and collaboration in helping each other to promote the TB program, raise awareness, and educate our fellow Manileños about the TB disease; By sharing our personal experiences as TB Survivors, Both TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. and Manila Health Department’s Division see how great and how huge the impact that it would provide in motivating and encouraging people who might have lost hope because of the dreaded TB disease and also other affected population that is having a hard time to dealing with Tuberculosis. This dialogue is supported by the Challenge Facility for Civil Society of Stop TB Partnership. 

The conversation between TBPeople PH and the Manila Health Department’s Division was a milestone for both organizations. With their goal of raising awareness about tuberculosis (TB), they saw how beneficial it would be to share stories from TB survivors as well as providing knowledge on prevention and control of the disease. It is an inspiring movement that will show others who are suffering with TB that there is hope, even in tough times. The impact of this collaboration could go a long way in terms of spreading information, creating a support network, and motivating those affected by the illness.

Both organizations recognize the importance of building a strong alliance against TB and its complications. Through their combined efforts, they can help empower those living with or affected by TB to make a positive change. By sharing the stories of survivors and providing resources, they are actively fighting against this disease. Not only will this build a strong community of support, but it will also inspire others to do the same. TBPeople PH and Manila Health Department’s Division want to ensure that no one is alone in their journey with tuberculosis. With their combined efforts, they can bring hope to those affected by the illness and make a real difference in the fight against TB. The movement led by TBPeople PH and Manila Health Department’s Division is incredibly powerful. Their collaboration gives those affected by tuberculosis the support, knowledge, and resources they need to take control of their disease. They are creating a network of survivors and advocates who are fighting back against the illness and inspiring others to do the same.

By coming together in this way, they can spread information, provide emotional support, and motivate people to stand up for their rights and reclaim their lives. Together, these organizations are sending a message that there is hope even during tough times – something we all desperately need right now. This collaborative effort is making a real difference in the fight against tuberculosis. With both organizations working towards the common goal of controlling the disease, they are helping people to regain control of their lives and realize that they have the power to make a difference. By connecting with survivors, advocates, and healthcare professionals, these organizations are providing hope to those who may feel alone or powerless. They are creating an environment where people can come together to share information, find emotional support, and discover new ways to tackle TB.

Together, we can create real change in this fight against tuberculosis!

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