TBpeople Philippines at USAID’s TBIHSS Project Event

TBpeople Philippines was honored to participate in the “Beyond Borders: Innovations in Action” and “Engaging Private Sector to Support TB Elimination in the Philippines” events hosted by The USAID’s TB Innovations and Health Systems Strengthening (TBIHSS) Project, managed by Family Health International (FHI) 360. These back-to-back learning and dissemination events took place on March 20-22, 2024, at the Rizal Park Hotel-Manila.

The objectives of these insightful gatherings were multifaceted:

1. *Presenting Project Achievements:* Reflecting on the accomplishments of the TBIHSS project over the past seven years.

2. *Gathering Insights:* Collecting valuable experiences and insights from partners and stakeholders involved in implementing case finding models and activities.

3. *Learning Key Findings:* Understanding the pivotal findings from the innovative case finding approaches implemented by USAID’s TBIHSS.

4. *Soliciting Feedback:* Engaging participants to share their learnings, insights, and feedback.

5. *Understanding Private Sector Engagement:* Exploring the role of private sector engagement in the broader efforts towards TB elimination, both nationally and locally, across various settings.

6. *Highlighting Private Sector Initiatives:* Presenting an overview of the private sector players who can contribute across the TB care continuum.

7. *Showcasing Best Practices:* Highlighting public-private mix initiatives, models, and best practices implemented by USAID’s TBIHSS.

8. *Acknowledging Contributions:* Recognizing the invaluable contributions and responses of key partners and stakeholders from the private sector.

These events provided a dynamic platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and strategic planning to accelerate progress toward TB elimination in the Philippines. TBpeople Philippines extends its gratitude to USAID’s TBIHSS Project for the opportunity to participate and contribute to these important discussions.

Together, we continue to strive towards a TB-free future.

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