Engagement in Tuberculosis Treatment: Courtesy Visit to Department of Health (DOH)- Metro Manila Center for Health Development (MMCHD)

On February 22, 2024, BPaL OR Team, in collaboration with partners from TB Alliance, Tropical Disease Foundation, KNCV, and TBPeople Philippines, conducted a constructive courtesy visit to the Department of Health – Metro Manila Center for Health Development (DOH-MMCHD). The delegation was received by Regional Director Rio L. Magpantay.

The primary objective of this visit was to foster dialogue on the essential support required from the regional department for the successful implementation and monitoring of the new tuberculosis treatment regimen. This regimen holds immense significance in advancing the fight against tuberculosis and improving the overall health outcomes of the affected population.

During the meeting, several pertinent concerns were raised by the delegation, each met with the confidence and expertise of Director Rio L. Magpantay. His adept responses not only addressed the concerns but also reflected a commitment to taking appropriate actions. This commitment is a testament to the regional department’s dedication to providing quality public services and ensuring the well-being of the people it serves.

The collaborative nature of this engagement underscores the importance of partnerships between advocacy groups, medical professionals, and government health agencies in driving effective public health interventions. The exchange of insights and commitments during this visit strengthens the foundation for a cooperative and results-oriented approach to tackling tuberculosis in the region.

As TBpeople Philippines, the BPaL OR Team, and the Tropical Disease Foundation continue their efforts in championing improved tuberculosis treatment, the support and collaboration with regional health authorities like DOH-MMCHD are pivotal. The assurance of Director Rio L. Magpantay to take appropriate actions reinforces the mutual dedication to the well-being of the community.

This collaborative venture marks a significant stride towards the shared goal of eradicating tuberculosis and enhancing the overall health landscape of Metro Manila. The ongoing partnership between advocacy groups and health authorities is instrumental in realizing a future where the burden of tuberculosis is alleviated, and the public health system stands resilient in safeguarding the welfare of its citizens.

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