TB Warriors


Step 1 – Click this link https://tbwarriors.com/en
Step 2 – Login using FB or Google account(See Picture 1 sample)

Step 3 – Click ‘Play Game’ button(See Picture 2 or Picture 3 sample)

Step 4 – Choose Philippines as your Map if this is not the default(See Picture 4 sample)

Step 5 – Choose between Quiapo and Cubao as your site map
Step 6 – Play The Game – its a finders game so you will have to find Depictions or any signs of TB which is guided on the right hand side of the screen(See Picture 5 sample)

Step 7 – Locate all the items on the list in Step 6 then answer a quick quiz(See Picture 6 sample)

Step 8 – Answer the quiz and do a screenshot of your completion of task and send an email to tbwarriorph@gmail.com

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