TBPeople Philippines in collaboration with Getz Healthcare

On January 19, at Astoria Plaza in Pasig City, TBPeople Philippines, in collaboration with Getz Healthcare, delivered an enlightening session on TB Literacy to the Getz Healthcare Diagnostics Team. The event showcased an insightful exploration into the intricate landscape of tuberculosis, featuring engaging presenters who adeptly elucidated the complexities of the disease. The warm welcome extended by TBPeoplePH established a conducive atmosphere,
emphasizing our collective responsibility in the pursuit of TB elimination.

The Personal Experience segment, led by all presenters, provided a poignant and empathetic understanding of the challenges faced by TB patients, serving as a crucial foundation for the ensuing comprehensive discussions. The exploration of challenges, spanning case finding, treatment obstacles, and knowledge gaps, not only identified issues but also proposed strategic solutions, fostering a holistic comprehension. The Developments section celebrated commendable
progress in TB advocacy, highlighting patient support initiatives, advancements in treatment, and the significance of point-of-care testing. The presentation outlined a forward-thinking path toward TB elimination, emphasizing full lifecycle support and introducing innovative concepts such as TB Free Workplace and City Certification. This collaborative effort inspires us to actively contribute to the ongoing fight against tuberculosis.

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