TBpeople Philippines Mindanao Engages Municipal Government of Tupi/Agten Tufi in Productive Courtesy Call Visit

In a gesture of cooperation and advocacy, Joejene Mangilaya, a representative of TBpeople Philippines, conducted a productive visit to the Municipal Government of Tupi, South Cotabato on April 17 and 18, 2024.

During the visit, Mr. Mangilaya had the opportunity to meet Mayor Romeo Tamayo, Vice Mayor Glenn Chio Hatulan, and Municipal Health Officer (MHO) Dr. Lester Claveria. The discussions were centered around a courtesy call, providing an avenue for both parties to exchange insights and explore ways to address tuberculosis (TB) within the community. One of the primary objectives of the meeting was to introduce TBpeople Philippines and offer a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s background, goals, and initiatives.

Among the projects highlighted during the discussion were TB Discipleship and TB Education initiatives. These projects included: the TB Discipleship Program: This program likely focuses on training and empowering individuals who have successfully battled TB to support others currently undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, TB Education: This initiative aims to disseminate accurate information about TB, debunk myths and misconceptions, and promote early detection and treatment-seeking behavior within the community.

By establishing a connection with the Municipal Government of Tupi, TBpeople Philippines can potentially collaborate on future initiatives to strengthen TB control efforts within the community. This collaborative approach, combining the expertise of TBpeople Philippines with local government resources, can lead to more effective and targeted interventions against tuberculosis in Tupi.

As discussions continue and plans for collaboration take shape, the meeting serves as a testament to the importance of partnership and collective action in tackling health disparities and improving the well-being of communities affected by TB. Through sustained cooperation and mutual support, organizations like TBpeople Philippines and local governments can make significant strides toward achieving a TB-free future for all.

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