TBpeople Philippines joins the Tri KAP Assessment and Planning Workshop (June 13-16, 2023)

TBpeople Philippines joins the Tri KAP Assessment and Planning Workshop that took place from June 13-16, 2023, at the Ciudad Christia Resort in Rizal, focusing on TB, HIV, and Malaria. The workshop aimed to assess Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism or PCCM Tri KAP Engagement, plan KAP activities for the upcoming grant cycle and strategize for sustainable KAP Engagement.

As we look back on the past year, it’s important to take stock of what we’ve achieved and where we need to improve. For those of us who are advocates in our respective sectors, this means identifying areas where we can be more effective and figuring out how to prioritize our efforts going forward. Whether we’re focused on eliminating diseases like TB, HIV, and malaria, or working to advance other causes that matter deeply to us, the key is to approach our goals with a sense of purpose and determination.

One key aspect of being an effective advocate is identifying areas where we can have the greatest impact. This requires thoughtful consideration of our skills and resources, as well as the needs of our communities. By prioritizing our efforts, we can maximize our effectiveness and make meaningful progress toward achieving our goals.

But even more important than individual action is the power of community. When we come together with a shared vision and purpose, we become a force to be reckoned with. By setting aside our differences and working towards a common goal, we can create real change that benefits everyone. So let’s commit ourselves to being effective advocates for positive change, and work together towards a brighter future for all.

In summary, the Tri KAP Assessment and Planning Workshop provided a platform to assess past achievements, address key concerns, and plan for the future. Collaboration, clear definitions, and efforts to empower the Key Affective Population were emphasized in combating TB, HIV, and Malaria in the Philippines…

Happiness brings about celebration. The Greatest celebration is not when you are happy, but when you are serving others.

“Ang taong naglilingkod ay ang taong nagdiriwang” “The person who serves, is the person who celebrates”
– Rev. Fr. Rodolfo Vicente Cancino Jr., MI
Executive Secretary of the CBCP -Episcopal Commission on Health Care


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