TBpeople Philippines Visit Napico Health Center in Pasig for TB Education and Engagement

TBpeople Philippines recently conducted an educational visit to the Napico Health Center in Pasig. This important event was led by Dr. Maria Corazon Veluz and Ms. Margaret Dy Tan, who have been at the forefront of TB advocacy and education in their community.

The visit aimed to engage with the local community and provide vital information about TB, its prevention, and treatment. With the health and well-being of the community in mind, TBpeople Philippines provides interactive sessions, ensuring that the residents of Napico are well-informed about the disease.

The event was made even more special by the warm welcome and active participation of Kapitan Quin “KIN” Cruz, who has been a unyielding supporter of health initiatives in the community. TBpeople Philippines extended their heartfelt gratitude to Kapitan Cruz for his hospitality and for encouraging the community to participate in the TB engagement activity. His leadership and support were instrumental in the success of the event, fostering a spirit of cooperation and collective action against TB.

The educational visit to the Napico Health Center not only provided valuable information to the community but also strengthened the ties between health advocates and local leaders. It underscored the importance of collaboration in public health initiatives and showcased the positive impact of community involvement in addressing health challenges.

TBpeople Philippines remains committed to their mission of TB education and advocacy. They continue to work tirelessly to spread awareness and provide support to those affected by TB. The visit to Napico Health Center is just one of the many steps they are taking to ensure a TB-free Philippines.

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