TBpeople Philippines Conducts TB Orientation in Dapa, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte to Strengthen Partnerships and Combat Tuberculosis

TBpeople Philippines recently visited the Municipality of Dapa on Siargao Island marking another meaningful step in the organization’s ongoing efforts to combat tuberculosis (TB) and contribute to the national goal of eradicating TB in the Philippines. The local leaders expressed their support and enthusiasm for TBpeople Philippines’ mission, recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the TB epidemic. The welcoming reception emphasized the community’s readiness to engage in proactive measures to fight TB.

TBpeople Philippines conducted a TB orientation session targeting key community groups, including Sangguning Bayan, Civil Society represented by Senior Citizens President Tony Adapon, as well as RHU, BHW, NTP, and PBSP members about tuberculosis, its symptoms, modes of transmission, and prevention strategies. The orientation provided an in-depth look at the latest treatments and highlighted the importance of early detection and consistent treatment to prevent the spread of TB.

One of the primary objectives of the visit was to establish strategic partnerships with local stakeholders. By collaborating with the Municipality of Dapa, TBpeople Philippines aims to create a sustainable framework for TB prevention and control. These partnerships are essential for mobilizing resources, enhancing community outreach, and ensuring that accurate information about TB reaches every corner of the municipality.

TBpeople Philippines would like to extend their gratitude to the Mayor. Elizabeth Matugas and Vice Mayor. Gerry Matugas Abejo of Dapa, Siargao. Their support has made it possible for the organization to visit and provide the community with essential awareness and education about tuberculosis. TBpeople Philippines appreciates the opportunity to collaborate in the fight against TB and to promote better health outcomes for the residents of Dapa, Siargao.

TBpeople Philippines’ visit to the Municipality of Dapa highlights the power of collaboration in the fight against tuberculosis. The warm welcome from local leaders and the productive TB orientation session underlined the community’s commitment to tackling this public health challenge.

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