TBpeople PH – Manila meet the Manila Barangay Bureau Director Diosdado “Boroboy” Santiago

At our initial visit and meeting at the Manila Barangay Bureau, TBPeople PH was warmly welcomed. We are well taken care of by their MBB Director Diosdado “Boroboy” Santiago, who has supported TBpeople Philippines Organization Inc. from the beginning. We are truly happy to know that they are willing to provide everything we need for the advocacy that we are promoting for the Manileños. Director Boroboy Santiago reaffirmed his department’s commitment to working with us on the projects we have planned for the 897 Barangays of the City of Manila.

We are so grateful for the amazing hospitality we received from the Manila Barangay Bureau. The staff were incredibly friendly and open to our ideas and suggestions, which was a great comfort to us as an organization dedicated to helping those living with tuberculosis in the City of Manila. Director Santiago’s support has been absolutely invaluable and his commitment to making sure our activities will be successful is truly heartening.

The 897 Barangays that make up the city are all committed to furthering TBPeople PH’s goals. We are eager to work closely with each of them to ensure our advocacy and messages reach everyone in the City of Manila. With their assistance, we can help improve quality of life and create positive change in Manila. Our team is truly inspired by the willingness of all the Barangays to join us in this endeavor, and we are confident that our work together will bring about a brighter future for Manila’s citizens. We look forward to making progress as an organization and seeing real results from our efforts. We are truly thankful for the warm welcome we have received from all of the Barangays in Manila. The staff were incredibly welcoming and eager to help us achieve our goals. Director Santiago’s dedication has been a driving force behind our mission, and his commitment to ensuring our activities will be successful is inspiring.

Each of the 897 Barangays that make up the city have come together to further TBPeople PH’s mission. We are humbled by their willingness to join us in this endeavor, and believe that with their support, we can create positive change within the City of Manila. Our team is committed to working closely with each barangay to ensure that everyone in the area receives our advocacy and messages. With their help, we are confident that together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of people living in Manila.

TBPeople PH is grateful for their support and partnership, as it allows us to spread our message more effectively and efficiently. The spirit of collaboration displayed by all of the barangays has been truly inspirational and motivating. We are committed to working hard with each Barangay to ensure that everyone receives the same level of advocacy and access to our services. With their help, we hope to create a brighter future for the City of Manila and its citizens. The willingness of the 897 barangays in Manila to come together and support TBPeople PH is remarkable. Each one of them have shown tremendous courage and kindness by joining us on this mission, and we are so proud to be working with such inspiring people. We know that each barangay will bring a unique perspective and set of skills to our team which will help us create lasting change within the City of Manila. With their help, we can spread our message even further and provide the people living there with access to better health care and services.

We are excited for the future of the City of Manila, as well as its citizens. Working closely with the 897 Barangays allows us to build strong relationships and make sure that everyone is treated with respect and given the same opportunities. This connection will give us access to new resources and help create a healthier, more equitable society. By empowering each barangay and providing them with our services, we can ensure that all of Manila’s citizens have an equal chance at success. The courage and kindness that these 897 barangays have shown is truly inspirational and motivating, and it gives us hope for what the future holds. With their help, we are confident that we can create positive change in the City of Manila. We want to ensure that everyone in the City of Manila is treated fairly and has access to the same opportunities. Together, we will work towards providing the people living there with quality health care services and resources, allowing them to lead better lives. We believe that by investing in these barangays and equipping them with knowledge and support, we can create lasting change for generations to come.

The future looks bright for the City of Manila. Our partnership with 897 Barangays is helping us build strong relationships with the community, and empowering each barangay gives us an opportunity to make sure that all citizens are given a fair chance at success. We recognize the importance of giving people access to resources and providing them with education, skills, and training that will help lift them out of poverty.

By working together, we can create an environment in which everyone is supported and encouraged to reach their fullest potential. This partnership between us and the 897 Barangays is a beacon of hope for the City of Manila. It shows that when we come together and work towards a common goal, anything is possible. The kindness and bravery these barangays have shown sets an example for the rest of the city, and it proves just how much can be accomplished when we put our minds and hearts to something. Through this collaboration, we have found strength in unity and come to understand the power of collective action. We are all responsible for creating a better future, and by working together we can make sure that everyone in Manila is given an equal opportunity to succeed and lead a life of dignity. This dialogue is supported by the Challenge Facility for Civil Society of Stop TB Partnership.

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