Facility Visit and Patient Interview at the Lung Center of the Philippines

On February 22, 2024, the BPaL OR Team, in collaboration with esteemed partners from TB Alliance, Tropical Disease Foundation, KNCV, MMCHD, and TBPeople Philippines, conducted an insightful on-site visit to the Lung Center of the Philippines under the guidance of Dr. Jo-An Samoy-Tuy.

The primary objective of these courtesy visits was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s capacity to implement the programmatic scale-up of the BPaLM/BPaL. Additionally, the team aimed to share valuable insights derived from previous monitoring efforts during these visits.

The TBpeoplePH Team, comprised of Ms. Louie Zepeda-Teng – Founder and President, Nino Magpusao – Vice President and Communication Head, Marcus Teng – Chief Operating Officer, Lheyna Binlayan – Chief Finance Officer and Alvin Ferry – IT Head, seized the opportunity to conduct interviews with key individuals at the facility, namely Nurse Jane and Patient Elijah. This interactive session was an integral part of understanding the ground realities and ensuring the alignment of program goals with the experiences of those directly involved.

During the interview, Nurse Jane eloquently shared insights into the facility’s practices and commitment to delivering excellent patient services. Her passionate responses shed light on the dedication of the healthcare team to providing high-quality care.

Furthermore, Patient Elijah, as part of the team’s efforts to connect with those undergoing treatment, provided valuable testimony. Expressing satisfaction with the services received, Elijah’s gratitude and optimism were evident. As a TB survivor, he expressed joy in sharing his journey with others, highlighting the importance of connecting with fellow survivors and drawing inspiration from their experiences.

This collaborative visit not only provided crucial insights into the facility’s operational capacity but also allowed for meaningful interactions with both healthcare professionals and patients. The shared stories and firsthand accounts serve to strengthen the collective commitment to advancing tuberculosis treatment and fostering a supportive community for those affected by this challenging disease.

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