Empowering Partnerships, Transformative Initiatives: TBpeople Philippines Leads the Way!

On March 12th, TBpeople Philippines, supported by the distinguished collaboration of Johnson & Johnson and Getz Healthcare Philippines, a division of Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc., embarked on a significant mission. They paid a courtesy visit to the Mandaluyong City Health Office, graciously received by the dedicated City Health Officer, Dr. Arnold Abalos, alongside NTP Coordinator Ms. Jessica Cellano Dagohoy-Olarve and Sir Bernard Vasquez.

Central to this meeting was a proposal to establish a groundbreaking patient support group called TBpeoplePH Discipleship Mandaluyong City. This visionary initiative aims to create a city chapter of TBpeoplePH comprising TB survivors residing in Mandaluyong. They will serve as invaluable resources, trained to provide essential support to the city’s TB program, ensuring a brighter future for Mandaluyong.

In tandem with this innovative endeavor, the TBpeoplePH team courageously sought the support of both the city health authorities and the esteemed city chief executive to champion the New Novel Regimen and Fast Track The Cure campaign. This collaborative effort underscores a shared commitment to innovation and progress in the fight against TB.

During this impactful courtesy call, the vital role of Patient Support Groups in the TB Program was emphasized, showcasing the remarkable initiatives led by survivors. Their experiences serve as a beacon of hope, driving us closer to the goal of a TB-free city.

Furthermore, TBpeoplePH extends sincere commendations to the city of Mandaluyong for achieving zero cases of stock-out concerns regarding DSTB meds. This exemplary commitment to consistent medication adherence is paramount in safeguarding against the emergence of drug-resistant strains, solidifying Mandaluyong’s status as a leader in TB management.

Together, let us rally behind TBpeople Philippines and its esteemed partners as they forge ahead in their noble quest for health equity and empowerment. With unwavering determination and collaborative action, we will overcome barriers and pave the way towards a brighter, TB-free future for all! 💪🏽🩺

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