Courage And Hope For Precious Kate Monte

Precious Kate Monte a 10-year old, an incoming grade 5 pupil was rushed and admitted to the National Childrens Hospital last April 28, 2020 because of suspected kidney problem due to the presence of blood in her urine.

She stayed in the ICU for 22 days and 15 days at the ward where she undergone blood transfusion.

The doctors found out later that she has TB and her kidney problem is one of its complications. Her condition worsened because according to the doctors the TB bacteria has already reached her kidney, liver and brain causing the infections. It was also diagnosed that there’s something in her kidney and there’s a possibility that a surgery will be done. There are laboratory test that needs to be done and further study of her case is on going so that appropriate procedures and medications can be given. She was temporarily released from the hospital but still there’s a continues monitoring of her condition and also continues with her TB medications.

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