Raising TB Awareness: TB Literacy Session at Siargao Beach Club

Recognizing the importance of education and awareness in fighting the TB disease, TBpeople Philippines has initiated a TB literacy session at the picturesque Siargao Beach Club PH. This session aims to educate both employees and employers about their rights, enhance understanding of TB, and ultimately contribute to stopping the spread of this disease.

It involves educating individuals about the disease, its transmission, symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures. With adequate knowledge, people can recognize symptoms early, seek timely medical attention, and adhere to treatment regimens, reducing the risk of transmission.

The TB literacy session aims to create a ripple effect within the community, where educated individuals can spread the knowledge further, contributing to a broader awareness campaign. By understanding their rights and responsibilities, employees and employers can foster a healthier, more supportive workplace and community environment.

The support from Starbooks Café Siargao, General Luna Water System Inc., and Siargao Beach Club highlighted the community’s commitment to health and well-being. By continuing such initiatives, we move closer to a world free of TB, where everyone is informed, empowered, and protected.

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